M-Bus OLE-Server

By the M-Bus-OLE-Server your  WINDOWS 95/98/NT/XP...-application gets M-Bus able

  • The OLE-Server supports layer 2 and layer 7, in order to get the data out of the end device

  • You can directly start the M-Bus-OLE-Server out of many  WINDOWS programs

  • Allmost every modern WINDOWS language is able to use the possibilities of  OLE-Server. 

  • Now you can easily use the M-Bus with Borland DELPHI, MS Visual C++ or MS Visual Basic.

  • Even MS-EXCEL, ACCESS or e.g. dBase for WINDOWS get M-Bus able in an easy way.                    

  • Using a simplle allocation operation data can be transferred

  • Transmissionrates up to 38.400 Baud

  • Several interfaces can be served

  • Support of our M-Bus Modem and the Modem-Master 20

  • Online help in English and German



Order information:
SW 005D:   OLE-Server German
SW 005E:   OLE-Server English


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