Slave level converter

The Slave level converter changes signals from a RS232C interface of a PC to the M-Bus and in reverse. With a  PC and
the software WinSlave a M-Bus slave can be simulated .
A terminal software (Hyperterminal,...) can display the logs of a M-Bus master on a PC.

  • Supplied via RS232 or external power supply (5..30VDC)

  • Galvanic insulation between RS232C and M-Bus

  • Baudrates from 300 to 9600 Baud possible

  • Status LED for external voltage

  • Signal LED for M-Bus

  • Available as pcb version (just board) or with housing for
    DIN rail


Order information:
PW001   : Slave level converter with RS232C, incl. software WinSlave
PW001G : Slave level converter with DIN rail housing, with RS232C, Incl. software