M-Bus Micro-Master

Mains-independant M-Bus master with serial RS232C, or USB-Interface for mobile installations and readout of small M-Bus systems with a Laptop.

  • Max. 10 slaves
  • Baudrates: 300 to 9600 Baud
  • Bus cut-off at overload and short-circuit condition
  • Serial RS232C, or USB-Interface
  • Power supply by Laptop PS/2 Keyboard connector
  • Y-cable for serial line and power supply in the delivery package
  • Laptop as mobile temporary master
  • Easy installation of M-Bus systems
  • Good for M-Bus demonstrations

Ordering information:
MR003:          Micro-Master incl. adapter cable
MR003USB:   Micro-Master USB incl. USB cable

Manual MR003
Manual MR003 USB