M-Bus Digital-Master


Signal processor driven M-Bus Master / Level- Converter for 120 or 250 slaves

  • modular design:
    as Master with plug-in CPU-Board and integrated Master-Software
    as Repeater for bus system extension (more than 250 slaves, more cable length)
    as Level-Converter for  RS232, RS485 or 20mA Current-Loop

  • Baudrates: 300 to 9600 Baud

  • Version for 38400 Baud with limited specifications

  • Bit-Recovery (recovery of bit times)

  • Overcurrent and short-circuit protection on the M-Bus

  • external voltage and lightning protection on the M-Bus

  • Echo cancellation and collision detection with break signalling

  • Displays for power, data transmission, max. bus current and short-circuit

  • 2 serial lines (modem and service)

Ordering information:
DR001: Master with CPU/Soft (250 Slaves)
DR002: Master with CPU/Soft (120 Slaves)
DR003: Level-Converter RS232 (250 Slaves)
DR004: Level-Converter RS232 (120 Slaves)
DR005: Level-Converter RS485 (250 Slaves)
DR006: Level-Converter RS485 (120 Slaves)
DR007: Repeater for system extension

DR011: Level-Converter TTY (250 Slaves)