M-Bus Master family C3/C20
Cost effective and small M-Bus Display / Datalogger for up to 3 or 20 meters.


  • Levelconverter for up to 3 or 20 meters

  • Mounting on DIN rail

  • Operation of all meters according to EN1434-3

  • Independent M-bus Display  

  • Data filtering 

  • Updatable 

  • Data transmission rates 300.. 9600 Baud 

  • Echo suppression

  • Durable short circuit proof  

  • Operated locally by keyboard and LCD 


  • Like M-Bus Display, but additionally with adjustable periodic bus read out and storage of meter data 

  • Presentation of historical meter data on LCD 

  • 1MByte Flash memory, optionally up to 4MByte


Ordering information:
MR005FA: M-Bus Display for 3 meters
MR005DL: M-Bus Datalogger for 3 meters
MR006FA: M-Bus Display for 20 meters
MR006DL: M-Bus Datalogger für 20 meters